December 2011

Seema Jilani Guardian U.K.

The National Defense Authorization Act before Congress threatens further erosion of US citizens’ civil liberties (more…)

Michael Hudson

The easiest way to understand Europe’s financial crisis is to look at the solutions being proposed to resolve it. They are a banker’s dream, a grab bag of giveaways that few voters would be likely to approve in a democratic referendum. (more…)

Rober Fisk Independent U.K.

Writing from the very region that produces more clichés per square foot than any other “story” — the Middle East — I should perhaps pause before I say I have never read so much garbage, so much utter drivel, as I have about the world financial crisis. (more…)

Glenn Greenwald Salon

[I]f the U.S. invades and occupies your country, and you respond by fighting back against the invading army – the ultimate definition of a “military, not civilian target” – then you are a . . . Terrorist. (more…)

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

The piece is a primer on “how to blur the lines in an intelligent and ethical way,” in the words of MediaShiftmanaging editor Courtney Lowery Cowgill. It offers such tips as “If Sales Influences Editorial, It’s OK,” and insights (more…)

An Irresponsible Congress and a Weak President

By Joanne Mariner Counterpunch

It might seem an odd moment for the War on Terror to expand.  The 9/11 terrorist attacks are now ten years in the past; (more…)

The cable channel TLC may have thought it was promoting the cause of ethnic and religious harmony by running a program that sympathetically examines the lives of five ordinary American Muslim families. But now the show itself has become a source of conflict (more…)

Guardian U.K.

When the ACLU challenged the CIA on behalf of el-Masri in 2005, a judge dismissed the case. The US government did not deny that he was wrongfully kidnapped. Instead, it successfully argued that his case be dismissed because litigation of his claims would expose state secrets and jeopardise American security. (more…)

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