April 2011

Glenn Greenwald Salon 4/11/11

On December 15, when I first reported the inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning’s detention, I did not assign any blame to — or even mention — Barack Obama. (more…)

To: All NCPCF member organizations, supporters and civil libertarians

Re:  PATRIOT ACT REAUTHORIZATION — Using the Congressional break at the end of

April to Lobby Congressional Delegations back home in their Districts.

Date: April 8, 2011 (more…)

Clancy Sigal Guardian U.K. 4/07/11

Once again, liberals have bought into American power as a force for good. But it’s just another ugly, expensive war we now own  (more…)

David Edwards Rawstory 4/07/11

Disclosure of government secrets often has little to do with the public’s right to know and has everything to do an official’s need to tell, according to ACLU deputy director Jameel Jaffer. (more…)

John Pilger April 6, 2011

The Euro-American attack on Libya has nothing to do with protecting anyone; only the terminally naive believe such nonsense. It is the West’s response to popular uprisings in strategic, resource-rich regions of the world and the beginning of a war of attrition against the new imperial rival, China. (more…)

Robert Scheer Truthdig 4/06/11

The delusion of a classless America in which opportunity is equally distributed is the most effective deception perpetrated by the moneyed elite that controls all the key levers of power in what passes for our democracy.  (more…)

Glenn Greenwald Salon 4/5/11

Rachel Maddow last night issued a very harsh and eloquent denunciation of Obama’s decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed before a military commission at Guantanamo rather than a real court. (more…)

Jonathan Turley

There is an alarming report the FBI had a senior ABC news journalist as a confidential informant in the 1990s – a report who was actually given a confidential source designation with other snitches. The reporter appears to have passed along confidential information to the FBI including the identification of a confidential source.  (more…)

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