January 2011

Glenn Greenwald Salon 1/12/11

Last week, on January 3,The Guardian published a scathing Op-Ed by James Richardson blaming WikiLeaks for endangering the life of Morgan Tsvangirai (more…)

Laura Flanders interviews Bill Quigley, Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, on GRITtv

David Cole NYTimes 1/02/10

DID former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Tom Ridge, a former homeland security secretary, and Frances Townsend, a former national security adviser, all commit a federal crime last month in Paris (more…)

See also Glenn Greenwald’s article, Leading conservatives openely support a Terrorist group

William Blum Killinghope.org 1/1/11

December 16 … I’m standing in the snow in front of the White House … Standing with Veterans for Peace … I’m only a veteran of standing in front of the White House; the first time was February 1965, handing out flyers against the war in Vietnam. (more…)

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