December 2007

By Jason Leopold Truthout 12/21/07

Project Censored is a national research effort launched in 1976 by Dr. Carl Jensen, professor emeritus of Communications Studies at Sonoma State University. (more…)

Aljazeera Video – 12/21/07

Paul Craig Roberts and others talks about the ill health and possible demise of the dollar. (more…)

by Peter Erlinder 12/20/07
First published by the Pioneer Press (St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota)

At the beginning of the last century American philosopher George Santayana famously observed: “Those who can’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (more…)

By Matt Renner Truthout 12/20/07

Recent revelations of waterboarding by the CIA and the destruction of interrogation tapes have pushed the debate over torture back into the national spotlight. Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) lawyers, along with others, have been collecting testimony from prisoners at Guantanamo about their mistreatment and torture. (more…)

By Dahr Jamail ICH 12/19/07

The November 19 New York Times announces, “Baghdad’s Weary Start to Exhale as Security Improves.” (more…)

By William Fisher IPS 12/19/07

As human right lawyers sought to block U.S government efforts to stop a lawsuit against a Boeing subsidiary accused of flying detainees to “black sites” where they were tortured, a legal advocacy group published the first testimony of a victim of the Central Intelligence Agency’s “enhanced interrogation” programme. (more…)

By John Pilger ICH 12/19/07

The former Murdoch retainer Andrew Neil has described James Murdoch, the heir apparent, as a “social liberal”. What strikes me is his casual use of “liberal” (more…)

Conditions Under Occupation

Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi, Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering, Baghdad, Iraq — 19 December 2007.

For centuries, Iraqi women struggled for their human rights. (more…)

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