April 2007

This article by Katherine Hughes is currently available on newsstands in the May/June issue of the Washington Report On Middle East Affairs (WRMEA).

A conference addressing the topic, ‘The Muslim world, the main victim of terrorism’ will take place in Tehran, Iran on May 1st, 2007. Some 150 researchers and policy makers from 26 countries are expected to take part in the talks.

From: adnkronosinternational (Aki).

By Mike Whitney ICH 4/24/07

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson delivered an upbeat assessment of the slumping real estate market on Friday saying, “All the signs I look at” show “the housing market is at or near the bottom.” (more…)

By Joel S. Hirschhorn 4/24/07

Stop being a compliant consumer. Face the ugly truth. Don’t get fooled by the stock market. Accept the need for the mistreated middle class to become the revolutionary class. The British military establishment’s most prestigious think tank sees what too few over-consuming Americans are willing to anticipate. Unjustified and mounting economic inequality is planting the seeds for global economic conflict. (more…)

By Elizabeth de la Vega Truthout 4/22/07

After a day of testimony that showed Alberto Gonzales to be so self-contradictory, so conveniently vacant and – at times – so simply risible that even radio listeners could feel the disgust that permeated the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room (more…)

By William Fisher Truthout 4/21/07

A top human rights advocate is characterizing as “a self-inflicted wound” the failure of the Bush administration to find countries willing to grant asylum to Guantanamo prisoners it has cleared for release. (more…)

[Sent to the Post Standard on 4/20/07 in response to “A talk with U.S. Attorney Glen Suddaby.”]

The Dr. Dhafir Support Committee would like to draw your attention to the continuing disconnectedness in your coverage of the Dr. Rafil Dhafir and Help the Needy (HTN) case. Although a few of your editorials have challenged the government subterfuge in this case, your paper has never used this editorial insight as an impetus to examine the many conflicting facts the government has presented to the media. (more…)

By Madis Senner Post Standard 4/19/07

It is unfortunate that the interview of U.S. Attorney Glenn Suddaby in Sunday’s paper did not take him to task over politics. It would have brought the U.S. attorneys scandal home. (more…)

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