August 2006

Speaker of the House Nullified San Diego Congressional Race

By Michael Collins “Scoop” Independent Media 8/25/06

Washington, DC: It appears the US media overlooked one of the great political stories of the year. In what is becoming something of a pattern (more…)

Marguerite Feitlowitz International Herald Tribune 8/18/06

WASHINGTON–The gray-haired Caucasian woman. The five men in black whose black masks had openings only for their eyes. (more…)

Statement on Behalf of Lt. Ehren Watada

By FRANCIS A. BOYLE Counterpunch 8/23/06

One generation ago the peoples of the world asked themselves: Where were the “good” Germans? Well, there were some good Germans. The Lutheran theologian and pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer was the foremost exemplar of someone who led a life of principled opposition to the Nazi-terror state even unto death. (more…)

    By Sarah Olson Truthout 8/18/06

    Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, of the US District Court in Detroit, Michigan, handed the American Civil Liberties Union and their supporters a stunning victory yesterday (more…)

By John Pilger ICH 8/17/06

If the alleged plot to attack airliners flying from London is true – remember the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, and to the raid on a “terrorist cell” in east London – then one person ultimately is to blame (more…)

by Craig Murray 8/14/06

I have been reading very carefully through all the Sunday newspapers to try and analyse the truth from all the scores of pages claiming to detail the so-called bomb plot. (more…)

By Dahr Jamail Truthout 8/14/06

    On Saturday night, I was lucky enough to be at the Veterans for Peace National Convention. For that night, Lt. Ehren Watada was able to give the following speech (more…)

Robert Fisk 8/14/06

The real war in Lebanon begins today. The world may believe – and Israel may believe – that the UN ceasefire due to come into effect at 6am today will mark the beginning of the end of the latest dirty war (more…)

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