January 2005

This is an email to John O’Brien of the Post-Standard, in reply to his question about why I am attending the trial. It is posted with his permission.

Hi John,

I’ve spent a lot of the day thinking about our conversation earlier today. Sometime, if you like, we should have a conversation “off the record” and I can explain to you my perspective, which is a global one. This case for me is not about Dr. Dhafir, per se, it’s about civil liberties in this country and around the world. Because of where I think we are heading, I’m glad I don’t have children. (more…)

The case of the United States of America v. Rafil A. Dhafir Et al., concluded today after six years of investigation and 14 weeks of hearing. The only witness the defense called was Dr. Edward Cox, Director of Health Now, for Medicare. Dr. Cox was on the stand for approximately 15 minutes. The defense called Dr. Cox to testify on their behalf about the Medicare “incident to” rule. (more…)

At the request of Mr. Cannick, for the defense, Nina Carosella, fraud investigator for Medicare, read this letter to the court. The letter was faxed from Ms. Carosella’s office to the federal building during proceedings today (more…)

By Gay Montague
(Gay has attended the trial daily since it began.)

As a daily observer in the courtroom since the trial of Dr. Dhafir began fourteen weeks ago, my learning curve is huge; my knowledge and understanding of Muslim culture and practice has been broadened. On the other hand, any remaining shards of my rose-colored glasses regarding the workings of our justice system have been removed. (more…)

Letter from Joel Cohen, one of Dr. Dhafir’s attorneys, to The Post-Standard. Published, Nov. 15th, 2004.

As one of the attorneys with the privilege of representing Dr. Rafil Dhafir, I am extremely grateful that the jury will decide his fate on the basis of the evidence and lack of evidence that THEY hear, and not what is reported in The Post-Standard. Your coverage of the case thus far makes it abundantly clear that what your reporter hears and what everyone else in the courtroom hears are not the same. In fact, I often wonder if your reporter and I are at the same trial, listening to the same testimony, from the same witnesses. (more…)

Restrictions on Civil Liberties, Views of Islam, & Muslim Americans

ITHACA, N.Y. — In a study to determine how much the public fears terrorism, almost half of respondents polled nationally said they believe the U.S. government should — in some way — curtail civil liberties for Muslim Americans, according to a new survey released today (Dec. 17) by Cornell University. (more…)

This week, starting Monday, January 24th is expected to be the last week of the trial and closing arguments will follow.

Court will be in session regular hours: Mon-Thurs 8.30-1.30pm. Court is held on the 12th Floor and a picture ID is required to enter the building. It’s possible to come and go quietly during the proceedings.

An ecumenical prayer vigil is held outside the Federal Building, 8-8.30am (dress very warmly).

by Justin Podur; January 23, 2005

[A talk given in Ottawa on January 21 to an anti-imperialist group at the beginning of a national campaign against SNC-Lavalin, a Canadian engineering firm with a huge number of contracts including a large bullet contract with the US Military].

First, I want to thank the Ottawa organizers for setting this up and of course for the invitation. As much as we get accused of it, I haven’t actually had much of a chance to preach to the choir. A choirboy myself, I find myself doing my little song and dance most often for groups of students. I’ve talked to groups of journalists. I’ve even talked to the NDP youth group (1). But if we are the choir, let’s really take advantage of it and say things that we need to hear. (more…)

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