[* The Post-Standard curiously left this out of the letter, “Consequently thousands of U.S. brave troops died, tens of thousands were horribly injured…”]

Published in thePost-Standard 5/14/07

To the Editor:

According to an April 15 article in The Post-Standard, local U.S. Attorney Glenn T. Suddaby says he “checks politics at the door.”

I recognize this statement as a contradiction to Suddaby’s comment that “The bottom line is I understand that I serve (at) the pleasure of the president.”

Government officials loyal to President Bush linked Saddam Hussein to production of weapons of mass destruction and the 9/11 attack on America. It was not true but it served the pleasure of the president who wanted an excuse to invade Iraq.

Consequently thousands* were horribly injured and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis were injured, killed and their children orphaned.

U.S. Attorney Glenn Suddaby linked Rafil Dhafir to terrorism. It was not true but it served the pleasure of the president who wanted to claim a trophy in the war on terror. Consequently Dhafir was denied a fair trial.

His prison sentence was increased to 22 years for being a national security concern although he was never tried for any association with terrorism.

The prejudicial, selective prosecution of humanitarian Dr. Dhafir served the pleasure of the president’s ego but was deceptive and a travesty of justice which must be rectified.

Jeanne DeSocio
Liverpool, New York

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