Below is an email to the Syracuse Post-Standard thanking it for correcting its website photo caption, which erroneously stated that Dr. Dhafir was convicted on “terrorism-related charges,” and asking that it also issue a correction in the print edition.

Dear Paul Riede,

Thank you for changing the caption on the photograph that accompanied the article about the vigil for Dr. Dhafir. Dr. Dhafir was very upset about the caption and he will be pleased to hear that it has been corrected.

We would also be grateful if you would make a correction for your print edition of the Post-Standard and put some mechanism in place so that this error does not continue to happen.

We hope you will publish attorney Steve Downs OpEd on the case to help your readers have a better understanding of the case.

Katherine Hughes
For the Dr. Dhafir Support Committee

FYI – I corresponded with your reporter, John O’Brien (who covered the Dr. Dhafir case for 14 weeks) on this very issue of whether Dr. Dhafir’s case was a “terrorism” case or not.  And your paper has written several editorial including this one, Playing Loose With Terrorism, so we are perplexed as to why your paper continues to smear Dr. Dhafir.