Dear Paul Riede,

Thank you for publishing the Dr. Dhafir Support Committee letter about Dr. Dhafir’s oral arguments in NYC in you paper. However, I am extremely concerned that you used the whole quote form the NYCLU and did not use quotation marks. We are not in the habit of taking other people’s words as our own, and I ask that you issue a correction to this and let your readers know that these words from the NYCLU are a direct quote. You also left the quotation marks off “win” and “justice” within the quote, and I would ask you to correct this when republishing the full quote, with correct attribution, for your readers.

Yours Sincerely,
Katherine Hughes

[Katherine: Thank you to Paul Riede and the Post Standard for addressing this so quickly, they will publish a correction tomorrow. The Post Standard’s fast action on this is testimony to the effects of all the letters written in the past in support of getting things published and/or corrected. Many thanks again to all who have written.]