By Marianne Barisonek [Marianne has interviewed Katherine about Dr. Dhafir’s case.]

Amel’s Story

“Amel wears big sunglasses with rhinestones when she goes outside. Her hair sports remnants of blonde streaks from a time when she could spend money on things like that. She has pictures from her singing career and still has the flute she played in the national orchestra. Her face is haggard. The dark circles under her eyes are almost as dark as her brown eyes:”

The Mandaeans: Another Casualty

“Life has never been easy for the Mandaeans. In fact, it’s a miracle that they’re still around at all. It’s a tribute to their tenacity and resourcefulness that they’ve been able to maintain their traditions for thousands of years in an environment as hostile as the Middle East. They are the last surviving Gnostic religion and they are pacifists. They believe that you fight injustice with knowledge, not iron. Now they’re facing extinction:”