This is an excerpt from a recent letter from Dr. Dhafir:

“I am not in the habit of complaining, but you asked me to keep you informed of my situation.

“I am having a great problem with the medical services here. They are ignorant, irresponsible and careless. Because of their neglect in not checking the results of my blood test from January and February ’07, I suffered 2 painful attacks of gout needlessly. They put me on a diuretic for my blood pressure. Diuretics tend to raise the uric acid responsible for gout. In spite of my repeated attempts to have them look into this, they intentionally ignore it. I had to file a complaint so that I will exhaust all the routing before I decide on filing a mal practice law suit. All my medical records pertaining to this mal practice (in addition to extremely high triglyceride level not addressed or treated for months now) have been sent to Mr. Boss. I suggest that you get a copy of it and ask all the supporters to call and complain. They are playing with my life literally.”

“* We are told that we will be allowed to use emails soon (I will believe it when I see it). In preparation for that please send me a list of all the emails of those who would like to communicate with me. I have to provide it in advance I am told.”

“* A reporter from the Washington Report On Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) by the name of Janet McMahon asked to interview me. I consented in writing. But we were told by the warden early on when we arrived that he will never allow a reporter in. She should be informed of this.”

[Katherine: We may not be able to help get Dr. Dhafir’s medical problems sorted out soon, or at all, although we will continue to try. In the meantime we can let him know he is not forgotten and that his humanitarian work is appreciated by writing to him and/or sending a card. Please write your name and address on the envelope (mailing labels will be torn off) so that he will know who the letter is from.]

Rafil Dhafir
FCI Terre Haute
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute
IN 47808