Beirut 19/11/2006
The People’s Right to Resistance BRussels Tribunal

In order to transform the historic victory achieved by the Lebanese resistance against the Israeli aggression which targeted the Lebanese population on the 12th of July 2006, into an incentive for reinvigorating the struggle for comprehensive Arab liberation and to direct it against the Zionist and Imperialist project and to consolidate global solidarity with the resistance of the Arab people in addition to their national resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq within the framework of supporting the people’s right to resistance, the “International Conference in Support of the Resistance” was held in Beirut from the 16th-19th of November 2006, in response to an invitation from: Hizbullah, the Lebanese Communist Party, The People’s Movement, The National Unity Forum, and al-Leeqa’. Approximately 400 representatives from all over the world participated on behalf of tens of political, trade-unionist, civil, anti-globalization, anti-war and anti-imperialist movements that support the people’s right to freedom and progress.

The participants in the conference dealt with the various dimensions of the aggression to which the Arab and Islamic world was exposed and the sum-total of implications of the aggressive American trend which is threatening the independent development of people around the whole world, which in addition, is threatening future prospects for world peace.

After extensive serious debates, participants in the conference came up with conclusions and principles of a shared vision towards the dangers threatening the area and the whole world in addition to methods for facing these threats and challenges, and mechanisms for unifying the vital forces contending with these threats. The participants also placed mechanisms for elevating the degree of their networking and coordination on various levels in order to ensure victory over the American-Zionist project targeting the region and the whole world.

The participants agreed to the following: