Stephen Lendman sjlendman.blogspot 6/9/06

I’ve known about and followed Greg Palast’s important work for some time. I read his eye-opening book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy a few years ago and have mentioned it several times in some of my other writing. Greg is one of the most important and exhaustively thorough investigative journalists anywhere, which is especially important at a time when that kind of effort is needed more than ever. I knew he had a new book in the works, and I looked forward to getting and reading it knowing it would be full of important and explosive material we all should know about. I wasn’t disappointed nor did I expect to be.

Living in the US under a rogue administration bent on world conquest and dominance, I can easily understand what Greg might have had in mind by his title. But as he explained, he chose it from his late teacher Allen Ginsberg who wrote: “The soul should not die ungodly in an armed madhouse.” He also explained before he became an investigative journalist he was a “forensic economist” meaning he cut deeply into the inner workings of companies like Enron and Exxon-Mobil (my favorite one to pick on because they make it so easy for me to do) to learn what they’ve really been up to – no good for sure as everyone now knows about Enron which was little more than a crime organization posing as a legal business.

I suspect not enough people know about Greg in the US. That’s because the dominant corporate media won’t go anywhere near him. Why? Because he uncovers and discloses some of the most important information we should know that gets people upset when they find out about it. That’s not the kind of material an empire wants in circulation nor its corporate media. It might interfere with the empire’s plans if the public knew what it was up to, and it wouldn’t be good for business either as the corporate media and the rest of corporate America profit from its government’s antics which are engaged in on their behalf. So to assure it’s business as usual, the public is kept uninformed except for the steady stream of propaganda, lies and distortion reported that’s called news and information.

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