As punishment for insubordination, Dr. Dhafir’s personal items have been taken from him for 30 days. A letter he wrote to a prison official was perceived by the recipient as condescending, even though Dr. Dhafir did not intend it to be. He asks our help to alleviate some of the major impact this is having on him, particularly his health.

Please write/fax/email/phone the prison and, in a courteous manner, ask that some of the things that could have a long term effect on Dr. Dhafir’s health be mitigated.


Personal items that have been taken include his sneakers with prescribed insoles for his fallen arches.  He now has heavy boots and no insoles and this makes it difficult for him to exercise and also exacerbates his gout attacks.  In a letter Dr. Dhafir says he is in agony and pain because of this.  He’s also having to sleep in his uniform.  One of his major concerns is the effect that not being able to exercise for 30 days will have on his health.
He has been requested to use an upper bunk and this is also a matter of concern. He has never used an upper bunk before because he is unable to climb the ladder due to his age, his herniated disc, and his tendonitis, all of which have been previously documented.


Because Dr. Dhafir is not currently allowed to take food to his cell, this is having an effect on his fasting days, Tuesday and Thursday, that he has done for 40 years.  He seems to be managing somehow, but it would be a lot easier if he was again able to take food to his cell.

Brian Cincotta, (pronounced “sin-COT-tuh ) case manager
FMC Devens
978-796-1000 Dial O, or stay on the line.  Give Rafil Dhafir inmate locator
number 11921-052 and ask to speak with Mr. Cincotta.  Ask to leave a message
in his voice mail if he can’t be reached.
You can also ask  for the Public Information Officer or a member of the warden’s
Warden Jeffrey Grondolski
FMC Devens
P.O. Box 880
Ayer, MA 01432
fax (978) 796-1118
To write to Dr. Dhafir:Rafil Dhafir 11921-052-Unit HA
FMC Devens Unit
P.O. BOX 879
AYER, MA  01432