To: The Post-Standard on behalf of the Dr. Dhafir Support Committee

Subject: The End of Justice in America

I’m writing to ask you to republish an article about the case of Dr. Rafil Dhafir in the Syracuse Post Standard.  The article, “The End of Justice in America” is by veteran journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger and was published in today’s New Statesman. John Pilger has very kindly offered to waive any fee for republishing the article, provided you print it exactly as it’s printed in the New Statesman.  The Post Standard’s coverage of this case has never given the Syracuse public an opportunity to view the case from any other point of view than the government’s and publishing this article would be a perfect opportunity to redress some of the balance.


Katherine Hughes

Mike Connor: Executive Editor

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Stan Linhorst: Senior Managing Editor

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Janis Barth: Managing Editor

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Rich Sullivan: Managing Editor

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