American Civil Liberties Union

In the seven days since Alabama’s extreme anti-immigrant law has been in effect, the impact on communities across the state has been chilling.

It’s one of several racial profiling laws that the ACLU has taken on in court, and unfortunately Alabama’s is also one of the most extreme, going so far as hindering or blocking access to schools. And from the moment the decision was announced, it’s drastically altered the lives of families across the state, with many fleeing their homes.

There is no denying that this decision is a setback for our efforts, but we cannot allow it to dishearten us. We need to press harder, and make sure more states do not pass laws that legalize racial profiling.

Take action: Keep anti-immigrant “show me your papers” laws OUT of our country.

In the wake of this decision, hundreds, if not thousands of children have been pulled from classrooms. Fully furnished homes are being sold for pennies, or simply abandoned. These are families where the children might even be legal immigrants – but fear of deportation for undocumented members means entire families are being uprooted.

No family in America should fear to send a child to school. And, no family should be torn apart for fear of racial profiling.

Join the ACLU in calling on the Justice Department to fight back against the racial profiling laws that are cropping up across the country.

Together, we can send a message to the Justice Department and put an end to these unconstitutional laws.

Thank you for taking a stand,

Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director, ACLU