Katherine will  be interviewed tomorrow on The Crescent Report, a radio program that comes out of Washington DC.  It will air between 11.30 and 12.30. The program is  broadcast on WUST-AM (1120 frequency) in the greater Washington, DC area. Mahdi Bray is the principle host for the program; Ibrahim Ramey is co-host, both from the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation (MAS Freedom).  The program will be archived here: www.wust1120.com
The first part of the program will address the torture memos, and then move to individual dometic cases including Sami Al-Arian’s.  It will then move on to coverage of the Communications Management Unit.

Katherine will speak for 10 minutes about Dr. Dhafir’s case, the CMU, and Project SALAM – from 12.10 to 12.20 EST.

The Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation is currently working on a project, with the Center for Constitutional Rights, to address the numerous abuses of the Muslim prisoners incarcerated in the Communications Management Unit in the Terre haute, Indiana federal prison.