Project SALAM

Last month we sent a letter to President Obama and Attorney General Holder (which you signed – thank you), asking that they investigate the prosecution of Muslims following 9/11 which resulted in numerous innocent Muslims being convicted on false terrorism charges.

Now we are asking you to sign another letter to the President and Attorney General, calling for an investigation into 4 specific cases that clearly raise the concerns that we expressed in our first letter.

Read and sign the letter here:

The 4 cases are tragic miscarriages of justice and speak for themselves. We are asking the Attorney General to conduct his own review of the cases and see if the files themselves indicate that the prosecutors believed no crimes were committed.

A link to the letter can be found on the web site of Project SALAM
or go directly to the letter.

Please tell your friends to sign so that we may have even more signatures that the first letter (970).

Over the coming months we intend to send additional letters to the Attorney General raising concerns about many specific cases and issues in which justice has been twisted and perverted by the Bush Administration against Muslims.

Thank you for your support in asking for the restoration of basic justice for fellow Americans who happen to be Muslim.

Steve Downs
on behalf of Project SALAM