In response to the escalating terrible carnage in Gaza, and the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West Bank and imprisonment of the entire population of Gaza of which these bombings and shellings are the latest terrible development, the Syracuse Peace Council and the Islamic Society of Central New York call for a second local demonstration.

When: Friday, January 9, 2:30 pm
Where: Syracuse Federal Building, corner of Washington St. and Clinton St., Syracuse, New York

Please join us and spread the word to other concerned Central New
Yorkers as we call for:

* the US government to demand Israel end its assault on Gaza and
the ongoing economic blockade there

* Israel to end the current assault and for Israel and the Palestinians to cease all attacks on civilians

* resumption of the previous ceasefire

* an end to Israeli settlement expansion and the construction of Israel’s wall in the West Bank

* Israel to respect and honor international law and UN Resolutions and resume peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

Syracuse Peace Council, (315) 472-5478,
Islamic Center of Central New York, (315) 471-3645,