Dear Friends,

Last week, Oregonian writers and editors tried to persuade their employer not to mail the “terror DVD” to thousands of subscribers along with today’s Sunday paper. They lost that fight.

On Thursday, Mayor Tom Potter spoke with Mr. Stickel urging that Portland, Oregon be spared the anti-Muslim hate propaganda that other newspapers across the country have been delivering to subscribers all month. Mr. Stickle was not persuaded.

By Friday afternoon, when I called Stickel’s office — as my email to many of you advised you to do as well — he already had a taped message: “If you are calling about the DVD that went out (sic) with Sunday’s paper, call… ” And he gave another number, reminding us that the Oregonian “cares about your views.” Mr. Stickel was not available. Nor was Mr. Harmon, head of advertising, the department that accepted the money from someone to spread this fear and hatred of our brother Muslims.

See the September 13 article from Editor and Publisher about the history, funding and distribution of this pernicious DVD.

What can we do now? Cancel our subscriptions immediately and boycott their advertisers.

In addition, the Center for Intercultural Organizing is planning a press conference in front of the Oregonian tomorrow, Monday, at 10:00 in the morning, followed by a silent march around the building. This organization, birthed in the wake of 9/11 with the objective of preventing backlash and creating cultural understanding between all religions and peoples in Portland, decided that this action needed to happen quickly, even though it means there was not time to get a permit for amplified sound. Hence the silent march.

Picket signs, of course, can be imaginative: Newhouse Go Home and Leave Portland in Peace — Don’t Yell “Fire” in the Theater — No Blood For Advertising.

Spread the word. See you there.

Martha Gies

Full rebuttal of the DVD: