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Hon Mr. Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister (
Hon Mr. Stockwell Day, Canadian Minister of Security (

RE: Incarceration of Canadian citizen Momin Khawaja

Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned, write to you as concerned and responsible individuals, regarding the detention of Canadian national Momin Khawaja. Having been imprisoned for four years without trial or conviction, the treatment of Mr Khawaja is a violation of both common moral reasoning and the human rights agreements to which Canada is a signatory. The fallacy of, and injustices against, the case against Mr Khawaja is evident from the following facts:

1) Mr Khawaja has not been found guilty of any criminal charges- after four years in detention. His trustworthiness is testified to by the fact that he had been granted full security clearance in his capacity as a contracted employee for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs
2) The UK has not charged him or brought any evidence against him, even though that is where the alleged bomb making conspiracy took place
3) The Canadian Chief Justice Allan Lutfy expressed outrage at the Attorney General of Canada for the delay in bringing the case to trial (as reported in the National Post, January 30th, 2008)
4) The law demands a fair, public trial, where ordinary citizens have the ability to see the facts of Momin Khawaja’s case for themselves. The planned secret trial will allow no opportunity for such open scrutiny of the case and hence is unjustifiable
5) The prosecution is denying Mr Khawaja’s defence team full access to the evidence against him. This effectively terminates any possibility for an adequate rebuttal of allegations to be mounted
6) Mr Khawaja and his family have been subject to false allegations, harassment, arrest without charge, in addition to damage to their material property. This has caused severe harm to their social and economic wellbeing. The Canadian government must take the appropriate measures to rectify these justified grievances.

We trust you will realise the impact of such incidences against the moral and legal standing of the Canadian government and take action to ensure Mr Khawaja’s rights are protected.


The Undersigned

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