The Partnership for Onondaga Creek is holding a special, organizational meeting in preparation for the public hearing on the Midland Pipeline on March 4th.

THIS Thursday, February 14th at 6PM

Brady Faith Center

The Department of Water Protection of Onondaga County is once more asking the Onondaga County Legislature to approve and bond for more money.

At issue is an additional $22 Million for the 7,700 foot pipeline. This would be bad enough, but wrapped in this request for an increase is the promised $3 Million of mitigation money for the South side, for a total of over $25 Million.

First; the mitigation money has already been approved and only needs the financing approval. They have unfairly linked the $3 Million to the pipeline project. This is just more of the same gaming that the county has done in the past to push their projects through.

Second; the pipeline is another unfair, disruptive project for Southside residents. The county doesn’t need to build the pipeline and it shouldn’t. Instead it should be finding ways to slow the storm water, and in some cases, eliminate it from our sewer system, rather than pipe it to Midland for chlorination.

Here we go again,
See you Thursday!