by C. L. Cook 5/24/07

It is the best of times, and worst. Not since the banking crisis of the 1930’s, now known as ‘The Great Depression,’ has the global situation looked so grim, its challenges seeming intractably insolvable.

The media daily informs of impending ecological collapse, and the peril posed by terrorists, determined to destroy “our freedoms,” while salving the public’s growing apprehension with assurances of a buoyant economy whose perpetual growth requires we only keep faith. These apparently contradictory messages utilize a single device, designed to serve a single purpose: Fear and its inculcation to become the preeminent force ruling human existence.

What the press will not reveal is the correlative connecting the dying throes of industrial civilization with its profound despoiling of the natural world, and the systemic injustice of capitalism, creating the desperate conditions fostering armed resistance; globally known as “terrorism,” and locally called “crime.”

Instead of addressing the crux of the matter, today’s corporate media, a small group of cross-invested, trans-national entities, cannot both serve the public interest and tell the truth without compromising the charter obligations to their share-holders: Maximum profit first and last. This because, a free and informed public would not countenance the escalating brutality required to maintain the status quo.

Or at least, one would hope, if not for Humanity’s sake, common sense would prevail the perverse ambitions of those currently sitting atop the global power paradigm, recognizing a just and financially equitable distribution of the planet’s bounty ultimately profits us all best.

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