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On January 24, 2007, a 3-judge panel of judges on the Second Circuit appeals court granted the government’s motion to reconsider the order that Dhafir would be provided transcripts at the expense of the court. They did not give reasons or address points in opposition. This means that we now urgently need $22,000 to buy the transcripts which are essential to an appeal. Dr. Dhafir has already been in prison for 14 months since his sentencing (4 years in total) and the appeal has been unable to move forward because we lack the transcripts.

Although unrelated, at the same time the government challenged the appeals court award of transcripts they put a lien on the Dhafir family home, this means that even if the Dhafir’s wanted to put up their house as a guarantee for a loan for the transcripts they could not. For more information go to: Why Is The Government So Afraid Of Justice In The Case Of Dr. Rafil Dhafir.