Katherine: My video interview of Help The Needy (HTN) defendant Ayman Jarwan’s lawyer Jim McGraw is available on YouTube.

Go to: PART 1 (7 mins. 23 secs.)

Go to: PART 2 (7 mins. 17 secs.)

Jim McGraw says unequivocally that there was no way Dr. Dhafir could have received a fair trial in the climate of the time.

YouTube cut the first few seconds of this video (for copyright reasons possibly?). Originally the video opened with a photograph of the cover of the “UN Food and Agriculture Organization Report – The Impact of Sanctions on Iraq: The Children are Dying,” along with the video title, “Muslim Charity and the ‘War on Terror:’ The Case of Help the Needy.”

The first few frames of the second half of the video are blacked out but it quickly rectifies.

UN Report available from: Amazon.com