On November 14, 2003 press conferences were held in eight cities nationwide to protest the fines and/or arrests of those that went to/or provided humanitarian aid to Iraq in defiance of the sanctions. Dr. Dhafir had been held without bail for 9 months at that time. Here is Rafil’s statement from freedhafir.org:

We are fortunate to live in this great place on earth that our maker made prosperous and unique. Noble people are always grateful for any act of kindness extended to them. We should show our thanks and gratitude to our maker. Words and lip service [are] not enough. How can we pretend that we are grateful when the silent majority is not lifting a finger to change and improve our surroundings peacefully?

Are we grateful when the liars are allowed to defame the truthful ones.

Are we grateful when we [acquiesce] to the bigots and racists masquerading as law enforcers and keep silent.

Are we grateful when we allow the good to be portrayed as evil and evil portrayed as good.

Are we grateful when we keep silent when the greedy continue to exploit the needy.

Are we grateful when we allow the mischievous few to ruin this beautiful country of ours under many guises.

Are we grateful when the news media work in concert with dishonest government officials by not exposing them in asking the tough questions.

Are we grateful when people are allowed to prosecute those who act to save and preserve the lives of the less fortunate?

Those who impede the good deeds of others and make no effort to save the lives of their fellow human beings actively, directly and indirectly are responsible for the death of innocent children, women, and men whose only crime is that they are not like us and they are not of us.

How can we claim that we are grateful when the silent majority don’t even care, let alone do something, to alleviate the misery of fellow human beings?

O our maker, the Generous One, we beg your forgiveness for our shortcomings, for our neglect of the needy ones and our ineptitude towards the corrupt ones. For we realize that unless we improve our surroundings we risk being deprived of your generosity.

Rafil Dhafir