By Abid Ullah Jan
From: ICH )1/05/98

In his book “The Road to Serfdom,” Friedrich Hayek warned Americans in 1944 that despite their military war against Nazis, they were travelling the philosophical and economic road to that the Nazis were travelling. The Americans ignored that warning. Now along the Americans we are left with the consequences that are coming home to roost in the nineties: a government of omnipotent size and power using its power to kill innocent, peaceful citizens at home and abroad. Today, the number of its victims is in the millions. But at the end of this road lie the deadly bombing and concentration camps for the multitudes.

The name of the new game to be played in the last year of the twentieth century is “catastrophic terrorism” and it has been made frightening, not because it conceivably could really happen but because of what people who choose to dwell on the possibility, however remote, want to do about it. The anti-biological and anti-weapons of mass destruction American propaganda and actions are already duplicating Hitler’s prior to World War-II tactics.

Any further terrorism from now onwards would be justified in the name of combating “catastrophic terrorism,” which is defined as going far beyond what the US Secretary of Defence William Cohen calls “the conventional type of terrorism.” That is the work of “cowards,” he says, who “rejoice in the agony of their victims.” They then “retreat to villages where they hide behind the skirts of women and the laughter of children and dare you to strike back – and strike back we will.”

“We have to depend upon intervention” he declared on December 8, 1998 and the same views have been expressed by Ashton Carter, John Deusch and Philip Zelikow, two former high-level Defence Department Officials, and a former staff member of National Security Council, in the Foreign Affairs magazine. This propaganda would justify the US armed attack in any part of the world as “prevention” of the sensed danger. Afghanistan and Sudan were probably the first victims of an undeclared Nazi agenda for dominating the world.

The word “Nazi” might offend some Americans but a thorough research can pale Nazi atrocities by comparison with what the US has done and is doing in the name of national interest. CIA, with the help of CNN, BBC and ABC etc., is waging a major propaganda war against the Muslim world in particular, with the help of capitalist media elite and some powerful politicians. Their lies were once totally disregarded by most people, but today, the majority of the people seem to believe the anti “rouge states” propaganda.

We still have to many people, who do not believe that the present American attempts are leading to a US world order and total domination of those nations, which are considered anti-American. They, like the unbelievers in 1939, will not take the time to research the American intentions and wrong doings. If they did, they would see that these warnings are indeed accurate and timely. What the world fails or refuses to recognise is that the concentration camps were simply the logical extension of the Nazi agenda and mind-set. It doesn’t matter if there were six million killed – or six hundred – or six – or even one.

The evil is the belief that the US government should have the power to sacrifice even one individual for the good of the American “nation” and “interest.” Once this basic philosophical premise and political power are conceded, innocent people, beginning with few and inevitable ending in multitudes, will be killed, because “the good of the nation” always ends up requiring it. The UN and rest of the world seem to have conceded this authority to the US so that it freely exercise its Nazi practices.

On the one hand we have the anti-Islam movement, whose main propaganda themes seem to be that (1) the so-called Islamic fundamentalism is the root of all evil, (2) weapons of mass destruction should be kept away from the Islamic and unfriendly states, and (3) that the US and its allies are the only hope against the spreading plague of fundamentalism. In Mein Kampf, Hitler’s main propaganda themes seem to be that (1) Jews and Jewry are the root of all evil, and (2) that Germany was World’s best hope against the spreading communist revolution.

On the other hand, political killings of innocent people could never happened in the US. But it is happening in American, today. And like the German people of the 1930s, Americans either refuse to see it happening, or they rationalise what is happening so that they do not have to deal with it. For instance, the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas: More than eighty peaceful, religious Americans, including children were gassed and burned. The government officials, just like the Nazi counterparts, think they did “the right thing.” The judge who presided over the trial of the Waco survivors declared that he would not permit the government to be “put on trial,” and then slapped forty-year sentences on the survivors.

Or take Randy Weaver, his wife and son of Idaho. First they were set up on an idiotic gun charge. Then, they sent Weaver a notice of a wrong trial date. And finally they surrounded his house and attacked, shooting his son in the back and killing his wife. Then, at the trial the government fabricated the evidence and committed perjury. Weaver was acquitted. But no criminal charges have been brought against the government agents. Well, did the Nazi government even bring charges against the SS? Did Nazi judges ever punish Nazi officials for killing the Jews?

From killing of millionaire Donald Scott of California, to nuclear radiation experiments on soldiers, to drug experiments on the citizens, to the thousands of arrests and confiscation worth millions of dollars, the Americans have rationalised what is happening by saying, “The Feds gotta do it for us.” No longer the government needs to depend only on taxes for its revenue – its agents just go grab the money and property directly and keep it regardless of the guilt or innocence of the victims. And it doesn’t end with killings and confiscation. It is also terror – the terror of IRS agents barging into people’s homes, “visiting” them at work and levying liens on bank accounts and real estate with notice, hearing or other semblance of due process.

On international level, we observe that Hitler’s words have been put to practice in the form of CNN and BBC. According to Hitler, “the task of propaganda lies not in a scientific training of the individual, but rather in directing the masses towards certain facts, events, necessities, etc., the purpose being to move their importance into the masses’ field of vision.” We can see this at CNN and BBC, as they also stick to a few main points and repeat them over and over. How many times do they draw out attention to the “Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction,” threat of the “Islamic fundamentalists” and “international terrorism”? Rather than use many different issues as examples of their propaganda, they concentrate on a handful of well-known incidents.

Hitler believed that propaganda had to be very simple, so the average person, with very short attention span, could understand it. The thesis is: “If any terrorism conceivably could happen, we must assume that it will, and do something about it now, before it is too late.” This is itself the very essence of psychological terrorism that the world community is constantly ignoring. The world leaders and members of the Security Council didn’t take any notice of the remarks made by former chief UN weapon inspector Scott Ritter. Mr. Ritter said that US officials “prodded inspection teams to return to Iraq to provoke a crisis to justify bombing.”

So the US conducted its mission of mass destruction without any effective condemnation or solid resistance from any nation. Justification for the action was the same that Iraq “could conceivably be a threat some day.” Policy of the Nazis of the nineties is now being established in such a manner that any nation capable of posing a threat to US interests at any time in the future is a legitimate target for American attacks. It is the intention of the Nazis in Washington to so bring the nations into such despair that they will gladly give themselves over to the new despotism. They are prepared to give up their hopes and dreams, their religions and economies for the brief promise of rest from the turmoils placed before them.

The Nazi regime of the thirties set out to gain control by focusing on three main areas: regulatory, persuasive and intimidatory. Regulation is being done through different UN resolution and their selective enforcement; persuasion is being done through electronic and print media and intimidation through missile strikes from the pirate ships. Resolutions passed by the Security Council in the early nineties have been the catalyst to the transformation of US to a nazified, and the world as a whole to be its centralised state.

In late thirties, the history was transformed to emphasise the superiority of German civilisation, with German heroes coming to the forefront. German failures were either left out of the unit or blamed on the Jews. The same is happening in the late nineties with the American heroes giving details of their ruthless bombings on the CNN with pride in militarism. Like Nazis, the US administration wants to create a static world society whereby nations act unquestionably, and do little thinking for themselves.

Look again at the battle for the New World Order. Are we taking time to study the issue individually before reaching a conclusion? No, rather we see images on BBC and CNN of the dead bodies in Nairobi and in the streets of Israel. We see victims in pain and we see next of kin crying over lost loved ones. We allow our emotions to take over, and base our opinion on these emotions, rather than sober consideration. CNN has become the most effective brainwashing tool, showing no victims of the 400 cruise missiles they way they show Israeli victims of a single Hizbollah rocket. None of us try to wait and reach to the root causes of the issue before making a pro-American mind after seeing these images.

They say “might is right” but this saying cannot be proven in actual history. “Might” just falls harder when it is “not right.” The US actions may not have surpassed the Nazi atrocities. But that’s today. Desert Fox operation is today. Tomorrow it might be Operation von Manteufeel against Iran. Operation von Rundstedt against Pakistan. And what would happen at home in the US during such crisis. Suppose the operations are not over in a few weeks, but instead drag on into months and years, with higher taxes, more controls and…conscription. What happens if Americans, who are already being taxed 50 per cent of their incomes, now find taxes at 70 or 80 per cent? What happens if hundreds of American students refuse to be drafted by the president who refused to be drafted?

Will the American government simply agree to lose “international face” or its federal agencies will turn their massive powers against the leaders of the revolt and teach the draft-dodging cowards a lesson in concentration camps. As the whole world will be facing a catastrophic Third World War, the American people will learn what the German people learned at a lesser cost: that the omnipotent state that loves the poor and the needy will remove its velvet glove and use its iron fist to smash those who interfere with the “good of the nation.”

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