In a concerted effort to empty Iraq of its national wealth, its
scientists, scholars, academics, notables and intellectuals, there has
been a campaign of assasination carried out since the occupation under
the eyes of the American occupation and with their complicity (probably
with the aid of “Israel’s” Mossad, Iran, and some western agencies).
This partial list contains details of 103 Iraqi academics assasinated
since the occupation. What is the explanation for such a campaign?

Please distribute this widely, and make the international academic
community aware of what is happening in Iraq and its human and cultural
resources under the American and British occupation. From the
destruction of the libraries to the destruction of Iraq’s
(Mesopotamia’s) historical sites and the killing of its scientists and
intellectuals, and the destruction of its environment, its
infrastructure and health systems, to the death of hundreds of
thousands as a direct result of the invasion and occupation, and the
death of 2 million prior as a result of the genocidal UN/US sanctions
and bombings over 14 years. When does it end? Where is the so-called
left in the countries responsible for these atrocities? Where are the
Greens, the Socialists, the Anarchists? Where are the so-called
humanitarians, the churches, and the academicians?

Michael M. Mahdi


The Association of the Victioms of American Occupation Prisons
( 1H1050 NGO ) Founder and Coordinator: Haj Ali Al-Qaysi
Address / Iraq – Baghdad 28/12/2005

List of Murdered Iraqi Academics

1 Prof. Dr. Emad Sarsam F.R.C.S. in medicine; member of the Medical
Arab Board of Medicine and the Iraqi Board of Medicine; well known
surgeon and scholar .

2 Prof. Dr. Mohammed A.F. al-Rawi F.R.C.S. in Medicine; President of
Baghdad University; member of the Arab Board of Medicine; member of
Iraqi Board of Medicine; Chairman of the Iraqi Union of Physicians.

3 Prof. Dr. Majeed Hussein Ali PhD. in physics; faculty member of
Science College at Baghdad University; One of the country’s most
prominent nuclear scientists, was found dead earlier this year (2004),
shot twice in the back; He had been questioned by the ISG.

4 Prof. Dr. Wajeeh Mahjoub PhD. in Physical Education (mechanism of
human body); General Director of Physical Education at the Ministry of
Education; Author of 8 text books in Physical Education.

5 Prof. Dr. Sabri Mustapha al-Bayati PhD. in Geography; faculty member
at the College of Art of the University of Baghdad.

6 Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul_ Hussein Kamil PhD. in Physics; faculty member of
the Physics Department at College of Science, Baghdad University.

7 Prof. Dr. Mustapha al_Mashadani PhD. in Religious Studies; faculty
member at the College of Art, Baghdad University.

8 Prof. Dr. Khalid M. al_Janabi PhD. in Islamic History; faculty member
at the College of Art, Babylon University.

9 Prof. Dr. Abdul_ Jabar Mustapha PhD. in Political Sciences; Dean of
the College of Political Sciences at Al_ Mosul University.

10 Prof. Dr. Sabah M. al _Rubaie PhD. in Geography; Dean of the College
of Education at al _Mustansiriea University.

11 Prof. Dr. Asaad Salem Shrieda PhD. in Engineering; Dean of the
Engineering College at al _Basrah University.

12 Prof. Dr. Abdul-Latif al-Mayah PhD. in Economy; Chairman of the
Researches Department at al _Mustansiriea University.

13 Prof. Dr. Shakier al _Khafaji PhD. in Administration; Director of
the Standardization and Quality Control Council of Iraq.

14 Prof. Dr. Marwan G. Mudh’hir al _Hetti PhD. in Chemical Engineering;
faculty member of the Engineering College, Baghdad University.

15 Prof. Dr. Lyla Abdullah al_ Saad PhD. in Law; Dean of the Law
College at Mosul University.

16 Prof. Dr. Muneer al_ Khiero PhD. in Law; Faculty member at the Law
College of Mosul University; Dr. Lyla’s husband.

17 Prof. Dr. Mohammed Munim al- Izmerly PhD. in Chemistry; A
distinguished Iraqi chemistry professor tortured and killed by the
American Interrogation team, dies in American custody from a sudden hit
to the back of his head caused by blunt trauma. It was uncertain
exactly how he died, but someone had hit him from behind, possibly with
a bar or a pistol. His battered corpse turned up at Baghdad’s morgue
and the cause of death was initially recorded as “brainstem
compression”. It was discovered that US doctors had made a 20cm
incision in his skull.

18 Prof. Dr. Hazim Abdul Hadi PhD. in Medicine; faculty member at the
College of Medicine at Baghdad University.

19 Prof. Dr. Abdul Sameia al _Janabi PhD. in Education; al-Mustansiriea

20 Prof. Dr. Aalim Abdul Hameed PhD. in Preventive Medicine; Specialist
in Depleted Uranium health effects on al Basrah population; Dean of
Medicine College at the Mustansiriea University.

21 Prof. Dr. Abbass al_ Attar PhD. in Humanities; faculty member at
Baghdad University.

22 Prof. Dr. Bassem al-Mudares PhD. in Chemistry; faculty member of the
College of Science at Tikreet University. In July 21, 2004: Dr Bassem
al-Mudares’ mutilated body was found in the city of Samarra, Iraq.

23 Dr. Mohammed Tuki Hussein al-Talakani PhD. in Physics; Iraqi nuclear
scientist; He was a practising nuclear physicist since 1984; was shot
dead in Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad.

24 Prof. Dr. Taleb Ibrahim al-Daher PhD. in Physics; at College of
Science, Dyala University; Iraqi nuclear scientist was shot dead north
of Baghdad by unknown gunmen. He was on his way to work at Diyala
University when armed men opened fire on his car as it was crossing a
bridge in Baqouba, 57 km northeast of Baghdad. The vehicle swerved off
the bridge and fell into the Khrisan river. Al-Daher, who was a
professor at the local university, was removed from the submerged car
and rushed to Baqouba hospital where he was pronounced dead.

25 Prof. Dr. Muhey Hussein PhD. in Aerodynamic; faculty member at the
Mechanical Engineering Department at the Technology University.

26 Prof. Dr. Muhannad al_ Dilaimi PhD. in Mechanical Engineering;
faculty member at the Technology University.

27 Prof. Dr. Khalid Shrieda PhD. in Engineering; dean of the
Engineering College at al _Basrah University.

28 Prof. Dr. Abdul Alah al- Fadhil PhD. in Chemistry; Basrah University

29 Prof. Dr. Mohammed Falah al- Delaimi PhD. in Physics; Baghdad

30 Prof. Dr. Basil al- Karkhi PhD. in Chemistry: Lecturer at Baghdad

31 M.A. Kamal al_ Jarrah M.A. in English Language; Scholar and author;
General Manager at Ministry of Education; He was killed in front of his
home while he was leaving to his office.

32 Prof. Dr. Ala’a Dawood Ph.D.; President Scientific Assistant of
Basrah University; He was assassinated while he was leaving the
university with three of his colleagues.

33 Dr. Noel Butrus S. Mathew Professor at the Institution of Health in

34 Professor haidar albaaj Director of Albasrah hospital

35 Dr Jamhoor kareem khamees University of albasrah

36 Dr Zaki Bakir Alaany lecturer in college of literature Al

37 Dr Hashim Abdulameer lecturer in college education Al Mustansiriya

38 Dr Sameer yelda kidnapped August 5 2005

39 Dr professor Haithem Ooda deputy head of chemical engineering
department in the University of Albasrah – kidnapped

40 Dr Wissam Al Hashimi president of the Union of Arab Geologists

41 Dr Haidar al Ba’aj Director of Basrah educational hospital

42 Dr Nazar Abdul Amir Al Ubaidy Prof at Baghdad University

43 Dr Nafi Aboud Arab Literature Professor

44 Dr Hisham Sharif Head of History Department in Baghdad University

45 Dr Marwan al-Rawi Engineering Professor

46 Amir Mizhir al-Dayni Communications Engineering Professor

47 Iman Younis Head of Translation Department – Mosul University

48 Dr. Suhad al-Abadi Physician

49 Dr. Sadiq al-Ubaidi Neurologist

50 Isam Said Abd al-Halim Geological expert at the ministry of

51 Dr Amir al-Mallah Oculist

52 Dr Hakim Malik Al Zayadi lecturer of Arabic literature at Al
Qadisyia University 24/07/2005

53 Dr.Raad Abdul-Latif Al-Saadi Ph.D Arabic language Adviser – Ministry
of higher Education and Scientific Research

54 Rafi Sarcissan Vancan MSc in English language, Lecturer in the
college of Education for Women Baghdad University

55 Dr. Mustapha Mohammed Al-Heti Ph.D in pharmacology, Dean of the
Pharmacy college Baghdad University

56 Dr. Haifa Alwan Al-Hill Ph.D in physic, Lecturer in the college of
Science for Women Baghdad University

57 Dr. Nafeaa ahmmoud Khalaf Ph.D in Arabic language ,professor in
college of Art Baghdad University

58 Dr. Essam Sharif Mohammed Ph.D in History , Assistant professor in
college of Art Baghdad University

59 Dr. Hassan Abd – Ali Dawood AL-Rubai Ph.D in Medicine, Dean Deputy
in Medicine college Baghdad University

60 Dr. Marwan Rasheed Ph.D in Engineering , Dean Deputy in Engineering
college Baghdad University

61 Dr. Saadi Ahmad Zidaan Al-Fahdawi Ph.D in Islamic science , Lecturer
in Islamic Science college Baghdad University

62 Dr. Saadi Dagher Morab Ph.D in Fin Art , Assistant professor in
collage of Fin Art Baghdad University

63 Dr. Zaki jabar Laftah Al-Saedi MSc. In Veterinary Medicine ,
Assistant lecture in Veterinary Medicine college Baghdad University

64 Dr. Khalil Ismail abdAldahri Ph.D in Physical Education , Assistant
professor in collage in collage of Physica; Education Baghdad

65 Dr. Fouad Abrahim Mohammed Al-Bayati Ph.D in German, Head of german
Department in collage of languages Baghdad University

66 Dr. Falah Ali Hussin Ph.D in Physic, Dean Deputy in college of
Science Al-Mustansirea University

67 Dr. Mohammed Najeeb Al-Qissi Ph.D in Geography, Assistant professor
in Researches Department Al-Mustansirea University

68 Dr.Hussam Al-Ddin Ahmad Mahmmoud Ph.D in National Education ,
Chairman of the Education in college of Education Al-Mustansirea

69 Dr.Mosa Saloum Addas Ph.D, Dean Deputy in Education College
Al-Mustansirea University

70 Dr.Samir yield Gerges Ph.D Assistant professor in collage of
Administration and Economic Al-Mustansirea University

71 Dr.Qahtan Kadhim Hatim MSc. Assistant In Lecture in college of
Engineering Technology University

72 Dr. Muhannad Al-Dilami Ph. In Mechanical Engineering: faculty member
Mosul University

73 Dr. Khalid Faisal Hamid AL-Sheekho Ph.D Assistant professor in
collage of Physical Education Mosul University

74 Mohammed younis Thanoon MSc. Assistant lecturer in college of
Physical Education Mosul University

75 Dr.Eman Abd-Almonaom younis Ph.D in translation , lectural in
college of Art Mosul University

76 Dr. Abdul- Jabar Mustapha Ph.D in Political Sciences, Dean of the
college Mosul University

77 Dr. Ghassab jabber Attar MSc Assistant lectural in collage of
Engineering Al-Basrah University

78 Dr. Kefaia Hussein Salih Ph.D in English language, lecturer in
collage of Education Al-Basrah University

79 Ali Ghalib Abd-Ali MSc , Assistant lecturer in collage of
Engineering Al-Basrah University

80 Dr. Jamhour Karim Kammas Ph.D in Art Lecturer in collage of Art
Al-Basrah University

81 Dr. Abdl-Hussein Nasir Khalaf Ph.D in Research Center of Date palm
Al-Basrah University

82 Dr. Fathal Mosa Hussine PhD professor in collage of Physical
Education Tikreet University

83 Dr Mahmoud Ibrahim Hussein PhD in Biology Science , Assistant
professor in collage of Education Tikreet University

84 Dr. Raad okhssin Al-binow PhD. FRCS in Surgery , lecturer in collage
of medicine AL-Anbar University

85 Dr. Ahmad Abdul- Alrahman hameid Al-Khbissy PhD in Medicine,
lecturer in collage of medicine AL-Anbar University

86 Dr. Ahmad Abdl-Hadi Al-Rawi PhD. in Soil science , lecturer in
collage of Agriculture AL-Anbar University

87 Dr, Shakir Mahmmoud Jasim PhD. in Agriculture Assistant professor in
collage of Agriculture AL-Anbar University

88 Dr. Abdl-Kareem Mekhlef Salih PhD, in Arabic Language, lecturer in
collage of Education AL-Anbar University

89 Dr. Mohammed Abd-AlHussein Wahed PhD in Tourist , lecturer in
Administrable Institute Technical Education Commotion

90 Aamir Ibrahim Hamza Msc , in power electric technique , Assistant
lecturer Technical college Technical Education Commotion

91 Mohamed Salih Mahdi Msc , Assistant lecturer in Research center of
cancer Technical Education Commotion

92 Dr. Sami Aymen specialists in the field of malignant and chronic

93 Dr. saad yaseen al-ansary professor in the University of Baghdad

94 Dr. Mustafa Al Hity consultant Paediatrician

95 Dr. Haykel Al Mosawi G.P

96 Dr. Mohammed Al Jazairi consultant , orthopaedic

97 Dr. Amir Al Khazragi G.P

98 Dr. Raad Shlash head of the Biology department- school of
Science-Baghdad University

99 Dr. Haikal Mohammed al-Moosawy Kindy medical college

100 Dr Raad Muhsin Mutar al-Mawla head of the biological sciences in
the college of science

101 Dr kadhim talal husain deputy dean of the college of education in
the Al-Mustansiria University

102 Dr Omer Fakhri professor of the biological sciences in the college
of science

103 Dr Saad Alrubaiee

104 Khawla Mohammad Taqi Zwain Doctora en Medicina, profesora de la
Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Kufa

105 Jasim al-Fahaidawi Doctor, profesor de Literatura ?rabe de la
Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad de al-Mustansiriya

The list can be viewed here: