Ayman Jarwan, executive director of Help The Needy, and Dr. Dhafir were the only two HTN defendant to be given prison time. Jarwan completed his 15 month sentence on December 22nd, 2006 but was held by the government until he was deported to Jordan a few days ago. Two FBI agents escorted him all the way and handed him to the Jordanian authorities who then released him; he is now home with his wife and children. Below is a link to a video interview I did with Jarwan’s lawyer, Jim McGraw, on December 6, 2006. McGraw said that Jarwan was one of the most decent human beings he had ever met. Because Jarwan was facing “substantial prison time for something he didn’t do” McGraw recommended a plea agreement. McGraw also said that the climate of the country at the time meant it was impossible for Dr. Dhafir to receive a fair trial.

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