22-23 April 2006

 US policy in Iraq: A War Launched to Erase both the Culture and Future of the Iraqi people
– Saturday 22 April 2006: Public Session
– Sunday 23 April 2006: International Meeting on Iraq Solidarity
The Association of Iraqi Academics estimates that more than 180 academics, from a wide range of academic
and scientific fields of study from all over Iraq, have been being assassinated since the US invasion in 2003.
Many hundreds more have been forced into exile. Most were high-level academic staff members. The Spanish Campaign Against the Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI) has confirmed 141 names of targeted academics (http://nodo50.org/iraq/). The BRussells Tribunal has a confirmed list of 218 killed Iraqi academics (http://www.brusselstribunal.org/academicsList.htm) .
In addition, according to official Iraqi sources, 311 teachers of both sexes have been killed in Iraq during the last four months alone (The Independent, 29 March, 2006).

Equally, staff of the National Iraqi Medical System – a model of civic courage during 15 years of sanctions, war and occupation – are being targeted in a campaign of extortion, threats and murder.

In violation of the foundations of international humanitarian law, Iraqi hospitals and clinics are being attacked and systematically raided by US occupation forces.

Occupation is responsible for these killings.

Every week more evidence emerges of a deliberate criminal campaign conducted by death squads
and encouraged by those who want to erase all secular and qualified layers of Iraqi society:
academics, scientists, professionals and intellectuals; women and men who would be the foundation of the rebuilding of a democratic and non-sectarian society in a free and sovereign Iraq following the end of occupation.

Within the framework of the conclusions of the World Tribunal on Iraq, CEOSI, The BRussells Tribunal and the New York-based International Action Center (IAC), will convene an international seminar on the assassination of Iraqi academics and health professionals in Madrid, Saturday 22 April 2006.

On Sunday 23 April will follow an international meeting of both European and US organizations with the purpose of encouraging international solidarity with Iraq.

Iraqi guests will participate in the public session, including:

– Eman A Khamas, journalist and writer, former director of Occupation Watch
– Dr Ali Abdulah, professor of molecular genetics, University of Baghdad
– Dr Sami Wasfi FRCS, expert in cardiothoracic surgery. Dr Wasfi was the target of a failed assassination attempt
– Dr Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar, engineer, leading voice in the anti-sanctions movement

The international campaign will be introduced by Dirk Adriaensens (BRussells Tribunal and organizer of the World Tribunal on Iraq, Belgium), John Catalinotto (IAC, USA) and Ian Douglas (BRussells Tribunal, UK).
In addition, we are pleased to highlight the presence of two of the most eminent Spanish experts on the Arab world: Professor Pedro Martínez Montávez (Occupation and Sectarianism in Iraq) and Joaquín Córdoba Zoilo, lecturer at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (The Plundering of World Heritage in Iraq).

The meeting will be opened by the Chancellor of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Mr Ángel Gabilondo, and will be closed by Ms Rosa Regás, Director of The National Library, and by Mr Pedro Martinez Lillo, Vice Chancellor for University Cooperation.


Spanish Campaign Against the Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI)
The BRussells Tribunal and International Action Center
 With the cooperation of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)
 And support of Escuela Julián Besteiro and The National Library
Escuela Julián Besterio, Calle Azcona, 53
How to get there
Subway/Metro: “Parque de Las Avenidas” (Line 7), “Diego León”
(Lines 4, 5 and 6) and “Ventas” (Line 2)
Buses: From “Callao” (Nos. 21, 53 and 74), from “Manuel Becerra” (No. 48)
Opening (Saturday): 10:30 am
Entrance free / Simultaneous translation
Further information
 www.iraqsolidaridad.org  / iraq@nodo50.org