Dr. Dhafir had been in prison for 6 months:

A Persian King wanted to have an elaborate celebration for his son’s wedding. He wanted everyone to take part in the festivities. He decreed that all his subjects are to give a present to his son as a sign of their participation. He brought a huge pot and put it in the city center and asked each citizen to put in one spoonful of honey until the pot is full, and then present it at the wedding to his son.

On the wedding day the proud king presented the full pot to his son as a symbol of the people’s love. To his surprise, when the pot was uncovered it was full but not with honey, it was full of water. You see every one figured that my spoonful would not matter.

I am addressing you from a bathroom with a bed in it; they call it a cell in a place they call “the justice center,” what a misnomer!

What can I tell you about the horrors of man’s injustice and cruelty to his fellow man that you are not aware of? Fifty-eight years have passed since the first use of nuclear weapons against humanity took place, and to date the suffering of the victims continue with the immediate loss of life and property, and the everlasting effects of radiation in the form of cancer and birth deformities.

You would think that humanity learned its lesson, but no! Some felt the first bombs were not “good” enough so they kept researching until they came up with the depleted uranium used for the first time on a massive scale against the children, women and men of Iraq. The horrors of a slow painful death for these innocent victims cannot be ignored or hidden.

What can those who used depleted uranium against innocent people say to the children dying in the thousands day in and day out from cancer? What can they say to the pregnant women who lose their babies to miscarriages? What can they say to appease mothers with deformed children who look like Hollywood movie monsters? Anywhere in the world when a mother delivers a child her first question is, “Is it a boy or a girl?” except the Iraqi women; their first question is, “Is the baby deformed or healthy?”

To add salt to injury, if one attempts to help, he or she is put behind bars and fined. And worse, funds to help the victims and their families are frozen in banks.

The blood of those hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq are on the hands of those who used depleted uranium as well as those who actively, knowingly, willingly prevent others from providing help, under the guise of “breaching the law.”

What is our responsibility? It is your decision to put a spoonful of water or a spoonful of honey in the pot.

It is comforting to know that there is a Supreme Being who is just and will hold each accountable for their deeds or the lack thereof.

Thank you, God Bless,
Rafil Dhafir