March 2015

Katherine will be giving a short talk about civil liberties and Dr. Dhafir’s case at the Petit Branch Library in Syracuse, New York, today at 3 p.m.

Read Katherine’s two most recent articles: Fairness and Justice? and Anatomy of a “Terrorism” Prosecution

See a Memorandum that Dr. Dhafir’s attorney Charles Swift has recently submitted for a 2255 Habeas Corpus Petition. New evidence from a FOIA request exposes the government’s duplicity in its prosecution of the case.

The Intercept

Members of an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force tracked the time and location of a Black Lives Matter protest last December at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, email obtained by The Intercept shows. (more…)


A former member of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s brutal regime taught at the Pentagon’s top university for 13 years, despite repeated complaints from his colleagues about his past as a torturer and murderer of political dissidents in the South American nation. (more…)


The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee approved a cybersecurity bill during a secret session on Thursday, marking the next step in a process that critics warn will nefariously expand the government’s already substantial surveillance powers. (more…)


The makers of Hello Barbie say these fears are misplaced. “ToyTalk and Mattel will only use the conversations recorded through Hello Barbie to operate and improve our products, to develop better speech recognition for children, and to improve the natural language processing of children’s speech,” ToyTalk said in a statement. “Parents must grant consent…for us to collect and use the recordings for these purposes,” the company added in an email.  (more…)

Guardian U.K.

Juan Méndez says he has been waiting more than two years for access to a range of state and federal prisons and asks: ‘Is the United States hiding something?’ (more…)

Scott Horton  Truthout

A fundamental concept underlying the American Constitution is the delicate rapport established between Congress and the various agencies of the executive. The massive government apparatus, including the ballooning intelligence community, is controlled by the executive. (more…)


The past year has been successful overall for former Guantánamo child prisoner Omar Khadr, who returned to his native Canada in late 2012 to serve the remainder of his military commission sentence there following conviction in 2010. (more…)

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