February 2013

Italy’s former intelligence chief Nicolo Pollari has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the rendition of a terror suspect. (more…)

Joseph E. Stiglitz NYTimes

Americans are coming to realize that their cherished narrative of social and economic mobility is a myth. Grand deceptions of this magnitude are hard to maintain for long – and the country has already been through a couple of decades of self-deception. (more…)

John Pilger New Statesman

Last December, I stood with supporters of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in the bitter cold outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Candles were lit; the faces were young and old and from all over the world. They were there to demonstrate their human solidarity with someone whose guts they admired. (more…)

The Injustice System: A Murder in Miami and a Trial Gone Wrong

A book by Clive Stafford Smith

The maverick public defender who inspired John Grisham tells the story of his most frustrating case

A man accused of a murder he didn’t commit languishes on death row. A crusading lawyer is determined to free him. (more…)

Despite the possibility of her arrest by U.S. authorities, an Icelandic MP known for her roll in the release of the “Collateral Murder” video put out by Wikileaks in 2010 has announced plans to travel to the United States to garner support for the alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning. (more…)

Judith Butler The Nation

Usually one starts by saying that one is glad to be here, but I cannot say that it has been a pleasure anticipating this event. What a Megillah! I am, of course, glad that the event was not cancelled, and I understand that it took a great deal of courage and a steadfast embrace of principle for this event to happen at all. (more…)

Glenn Greenwald Guardian U.K.

A major manhunt has been underway in the Los Angeles area for Chris Dorner, the former LAPD officer, Navy reservist, and trained marksman who is the prime suspect in the murder of three people (more…)

What: A 10th anniversary vigil for Dr. Dhafir and Help the Needy
Where: the Syracuse Federal Building
When: Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 at noon

For more information contact Madis Senner at 315 463 5369 or email Katherine Hughes at katherinehugh [at] gmail.com

See how the government framed this prosecution of Muslim charity for a success in its “war on terror” Read Katherine’s article Anatomy of “Terrorism” Prosecution: Dr. Rafil Dhafir and the Help the Needy Muslim Charity Case, also available as a free e-book download (24 pages)

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