June 2011

An earlier open letter from John Pilger published a few days ago recounted cancellation of events he and others were scheduled for. This letter follows up, providing further information. (more…)

American Civil Liberties Union

Last week, The Washington Post reported that for the last two years, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) intelligence gathering and analysis unit devoted to rightwing groups and militias has been “effectively eviscerated,” while reports on so-called Islamic extremism “got through without any major problems.”  (more…)

New York University Law School report

Sarah Marusek A Middle East Blog 4/14/11

Over the past week, the media and blogosphere have been abuzz over the mysterious case of Amina Arraf, the Syrian-American author of “A Gay Girl in Damascus” blog (more…)

Democracy Now! 6/14/11

Civil liberties advocates are raising alarm over news the FBI is giving agents more leeway to conduct domestic surveillance. (more…)

Ralph Nader 6/14/11

The 45th anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) next month should remind all who have used this wonderful citizen tool against government secrecy and cover-ups of FOIA’s towering champion Congressman John Moss (D-Calif.). (more…)

John Reynolds The Irish Times 6/13/11

BASRA LETTER: The effects of depleted uranium can be seen among the young in the city’s hospitals, where staff are convinced of its link to cancer and deformities.  (more…)

Tariq Ali speaking on Islamophobia.

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