March 2011

‘Breaking Australia’s silence: WikiLeaks and freedom’ was a public forum held on 16 March 2011 at the Sydney Town Hall. The event was staged by the Sydney Peace Foundation, Amnesty, Stop the War Coalition, and supported by the City of Sydney.  See the video here

Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain Guardian U.K. 3/17/11

The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda. (more…)

Patrick Kingsley Guardian U.K. 3/15/11

The internet is the “greatest spying machine the world has ever seen” and is not a technology that necessarily favours the freedom of speech, the WikiLeaks co-founder, Julian Assange, has claimed in a rare public appearance. (more…)

Washington Monthly

On a bright January morning in 2010, at Broward College in Davie, Florida, about sixty police officers and other frontline law enforcement officials gathered in a lecture hall for a course on combating terrorism in the Sunshine State.  (more…)

Help keep Dr. Dhafir’s spirits up.  Write to him, or send a card, to let him know he is not forgotten and that his humanitarian work is appreciated: Rafil Dhafir, 11921-052, P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute, IN 47808

Write to the judge. (more…)

Glenn Greenwald Salon 3/13/11

On Friday, State Department spokesmanP.J. Crowley denouncedthe conditions of Bradley Manning’s detention as “ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid,” forcing President Obama to address those comments in a Press Conference and defend the treatment of Manning. (more…)

Chris Hedges Truthdig 3/14/11

The liberal class is discovering what happens when you tolerate the intolerant. Let hate speech pollute the airways. Let corporations buy up your courts and state and federal legislative bodies. Let the Christian religion be manipulated by charlatans to demonize Muslims, gays and intellectuals, discredit science and become a source of personal enrichment. (more…)

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Are the rights we have from birth, free speech, privacy, travel, fairness from the government truly ours or can they be taken away by a piece of paper signed by the president? (more…)

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