June 2010

Glenn Greenwald Salon 6/18/10

On June 6, Kevin Poulsen and Kim Zetter of Wiredreported that a 22-year-old U.S. Army Private in Iraq, Bradley Manning, had been detained after he “boasted” in an Internet chat — with convicted computer hacker Adrian Lamo — of leaking to WikiLeaks the now famous Apache Helicopter attack video, a yet-to-be-published video of a civilian-killing air attack in Afghanistan, and “hundreds of thousands of classified State Department records.”  (more…)

Institute for Public Accuracy 6/17/10

The British Guardian reports: “The whistleblowing website WikiLeaks says it plans to release a secret military video of one of the deadliest U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan in which scores of children are believed to have been killed.” (more…)

24 Peace Activists Acquitted Joy First  6/14/10

When I talk about my work in nonviolent civil resistance, working for peace and social justice, I always tell people that we are never acquitted by a judge at a bench trial.  No matter what the facts are, judges will always find us guilty. (more…)

Entering the Soviet Era in America (more…)

The WikiLeaks advised proposal to build an international "new media haven" in Iceland, with the world's strongest press and whistleblower protection laws, and a "Nobel" prize for
for Freedom of Expression, has unanimously passed the Icelandic Parliament. (more...)

By Shamshad Ahmad (267 pages)

A Book Review by Katherine Hughes, published in Fellowship Magazine Summer 2010 Issue

In a time and place where Muslims have learned it’s prudent to be silent, we should be especially grateful to Shamshad Ahmad for having the courage to write his book “Rounded Up.” (more…)

End of the Legal Road.  Does Anyone Care About the Rule of Law?

By William Fisher NEW YORK, Jun 15 (IPS)

The quest for justice by a Canadian who was mistakenly tagged as a terrorist by U.S. authorities and shipped off to a Syrian prison for close to a year of abuse came to an abrupt halt Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear his case. (more…)

Defense lawyers say feds sat on secret FBI memo on Cromitie

WHITE PLAINS – An FBI special agent told security at Stewart Air National Guard Base in December 2008 not to worry if they saw James Cromitie casing the place for an attack because he probably wouldn’t try anything without an FBI informant at his side, according to an FBI memo.  (more…)

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