May 2010

Scott Horton Harpers 5/12/10

Prosecutors attached to the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid are reportedly requesting that Judge Ismael Moreno issue an order for the arrest of thirteen CIA agents involved in an extraordinary rendition operation from 2004, the newspaper El Pais reports this afternoon, citing sources within the court.(more…)

And I’ll tell you right now, one of the great tragedies of my country is that Mr. Obama is looking the other way, because equally horrible things are happening to prisoners, to those we capture in Afghanistan. They’re being executed on the battlefield. It’s unbelievable stuff going on there that doesn’t necessarily get reported. Things don’t change. (more…)

Greece Today, US Tomorrow

Michael Hudson Counterpunch 05/11/10

Financial lobbyists here in the U.S.  are using the Greek crisis as an object lesson to warn about the need to cut back public spending on Social Security and Medicare. This is the opposite of what the Greek demonstrators are demanding (more…)

She talks to Avi Lewis about fighting on the ground, battles over corporate control of Indian land, India and the US after the Cold War, ‘Islamophobia’ and terrorism, tribal resistance in India and Afghanistan, and the issues behind the so-called Maoist insurgency. See the video here.

Please consider joining the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), along with concerned family members, civil rights & liberties groups, legal organizations, and community-based and religious groups as we collectively submit our comments to the BOP on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.  (more…)

Investigative journalist and Democracy Now! correspondent Jeremy Scahill obtains a rare audio recording of a recent, private speech delivered by Erik Prince, the owner of Blackwater, to a friendly audience in January. (more…)

Allegations that Britain was complicit in the use of chemical weapons linked to an upsurge in child deformity cases in Iraq, are being investigated by the Ministry of Defence.  (more…)

While about 1 percent of Americans are considered millionaires, 44 percent of members of Congress were in that category. Fifty members had wealth topping $10 million. (more…)

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