December 2009

A series of declassified US documents have revealed the extent of America’s role in the Chilean coup, reports Jonathan Franklin Guardian U.K. 12/08/09

September 11 1973 was a day of terror and bloodshed in Chile. After months of rising tension, army troops stormed the presidential palace, leaving President Salvador Allende dead and thousands prisoners throughout this previously democratic nation.  (more…)

By Ximena Ortiz American Conservative January 01, 2010 Issue

Despite a change of presidents, America remains mired in economic, institutional, and cultural purgatory, with Obama’s exalted oratory circling the stratosphere like a taunt.   (more…)

[Dr. Dhafir is an honorary member of the BRussels Tribunal.]

Francois Hutart BRussels Tribunal 12/06/09

Dear friends in justice and peace,

In 2005 the West celebrated the end of World War II. Now Western Europe is getting ready to commemorate in 2014 World War I. Meanwhile, we hardly realise that in 2009 war remains for millions a daily reality. “No more war” is a dream and a just wish, but unfortunately has not materialised. (more…)

Petra Bartosiewicz L.A. Times 11/29/09

The federal court system is stacked against terrorism defendants, making the trial a safe bet for the Obama administration.  But justice would be better served by being honest about tainted evidence.  (more…)

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