January 2008

How Benamar Benatta ‘disappeared’ after 9/11. The Canadian government sent him to the U.S. where he was accused of being behind the 9/11 bombings: ‘The way they accused me, I thought my life was over’

Andrew Duffy, The Ottawa Citizen 1/26/08 (more…)

Guy Lawson Rolling Stone 1/25/08

The FBI now has more than 100 task forces devoted exclusively to fighting terrorism. But is the government manufacturing ghosts? (more…)

Chalmers Johnson discusses his recent article, “How To Sink America,” how U.S. politicians and candidates refuse to discuss the looming economic collapse, the staggering amount we spend on our military, how the “defense” industry is our only prosperous sector, the failure of our educational system, America’s pipe dream of global domination, the similarity between America and the Roman Empire in structure, overextended militarism, and inevitable collapse, the impossibility of maintaining a republican form of government and an empire, and, of course, the principle of blowback. (more…)

I’m currently compiling a chronological list of; letters to the paper, articles and other writing of relevance, to Dr. Dhafir’s case. My hope is that this will be an easy way for people to see at a glance what they might like to follow up on.

Below, as an example of what this list contains, is a January, 2005, email from me, Katherine Hughes, to John O’Brien, the journalist who covered Dr. Dhafir’s case for the Post-Standard. I attempted to explain to John why I was attending the trial: (more…)

The Center for Public Integrity

Following 9/11, President Bush and seven top officials of his administration waged a carefully orchestrated campaign of misinformation about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. (more…)

John Pilger ICH 1/24/08

The former president of Tanzania Julius Nyerere once asked, “Why haven’t we all got a vote in the US election? Surely everyone with a TV set has earned that right just for enduring the merciless bombardment every four years.” (more…)

Another Turn of the Screw

By KENNETH COUESBOUC Counterpunch 1/23/08

Adam Smith was the first to argue convincingly that wealth depends on human activity’s ability to transform the material environment. A constant remodelling of nature that has given mastery over the whole planet to one particular animal species, human beings. (more…)

UC Berkeley Boalt Hall Committee for Human Rights and Beatrice Bain Research Group invite you for a talk about How Not to Counter Terrorism

Monday January 28, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. Room TBD

By Coleen Rowley Former FBI agent, Whistle Blower and a Time Magazine’s Person of the Year (2002) (more…)

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