November 2007

by Dahr Jamail 11/26/07

“Sometimes I think it should be a rule of war that you have to see somebody up close and get to know him before you can shoot him.” – Colonel Potter, M*A*S*H (more…)

By Mark Weisbrot, AlterNet 11/21/07

Institutionally unwilling to consider America’s responsibility for the bloodbath, the traditional media have refused to acknowledge the massive number of Iraqis killed since the invasion. (more…)

Muslim Charity and the Case of Dr. Rafil Dhafir

By Katherine Hughes

First published, November 2007 in the National Lawyers Guild “Guild Practitioner,” Volume 64, No. 2:

One cannot level one’s moral lance at every evil in the universe. There are just too many of them. But you can do something, and the difference between doing something and doing nothing is everything. Daniel Berrigan (more…)


A federal judge warned Tuesday that if the government did not allow lawyers to review classified material on possible wiretapping of an Islamic scholar convicted of inciting terrorism, she might order a new trial for him. (more…)

By Michel Rocard, Yehuda Atai and Jean-Marie Matagne
Libération Translated for Truthout by Leslie Thatcher 11/16/07

We are being warned about it from all sides: the United States is at the brink of war, ready to bombard Iran. The only thing lacking is the presidential order. (more…)

The Associated Press New York Times 11/19/07

New York – The U.S. military plans to seek a criminal case in an Iraqi court against an award-winning Associated Press photographer but is refusing to disclose what evidence or accusations would be presented. (more…)

By Bill Quigley Truthout 11/19/07

In what has become the nation’s largest annual gathering for peace and human rights, over twenty thousand people protested outside the gates of Fort Benning, GA, on November 18, 2007. (more…)

Hamish Mcrae: The Independent, U.K. 11/14/07

I don’t think Americans get it. I don’t think they realise quite how serious the collapse of the dollar is for the global economy, nor the long-term consequences of this decline for the position of the US in the world. (more…)

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