September 2007

by Naomi Wolf Huffington Post 9/18/07

Today’s news shows a recognizable shock moment in the annals of a closing society. A very ordinary-looking American student – Andrew Meyer, 21, at the University of Florida – was tasered by police when he asked a question of Senator John Kerry (more…)


The traditional theory of free trade, in place for two centuries, no longer makes sense and must be replaced with a new model (more…)

By Harold Knight Blogspot 9/18/07

This trial is nonsense.

But it is not trivial nonsense. It is dangerous nonsense. It is perverse nonsense. (more…)

By PAMELA HESS 9/18/07

WASHINGTON (AP) – No Americans’ telephones have been tapped without a court order since at least February, the top U.S. intelligence official told Congress Tuesday.

But National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell could not say how many Americans’ phone conversations have been overheard because of U.S. wiretaps on foreign phone lines.

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By Paul Craig Roberts ICH

Naïve Americans who think they live in a free society should watch this video filmed by students at a John Kerry speech September 17, Constitution Day, at the University of Florida in Gainesville. (more…)

By MIKE WHITNEY Counterpunch 9/18/07

By now, you’ve probably seen the photos of the angry customers queued up outside of Northern Rock Bank waiting to withdraw their money. This is the first big run on a British bank in over a century. (more…)

PARIS – Nearly 150 labour activists were killed worldwide in 2006, a new global trade union said in a report Tuesday outlining a rising tide of violence and harassment against unionists across the globe. (more…)

By Carter Dougherty IHT 9/13/07

FRANKFURT: Finance ministers and central bankers have long fretted that at some point, the rest of the world would lose its willingness to finance the United States’ proclivity to consume far more than it produces – and that a potentially disastrous free-fall in the dollar’s value would result. (more…)

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