August 2007

By Paul Craig Roberts ICH 8/20/07

Jose Padilla’s conviction on terrorism charges on August 16 was a victory, not for justice, but for the US Justice (sic) Department’s theory that a US citizen can be convicted, not because he committed a terrorist act but for allegedly harboring aspirations to commit such an act. (more…)

Convicting Padilla

By DAVE LINDORFF Counterpunch 8/17/07

With habeas corpus a thing of the past, with arrest and detention without charge permitted, with torture and spying without court oversight all the rage (more…)

Robert Naiman Huffington Post 8/14/07

Yesterday a radio interviewer in South Africa asked me what had been the response of the “mainstream media in the United States” to Just Foreign Policy’s ongoing estimate of the Iraqi death toll (more…)

Neil Clark Guardian U.K. August 7, 2007

In his excellent Guardian Comment piece last week, John Gray lauded the end of liberal interventionism. But while liberal interventionism – and its close ideological ally, neoconservatism – are both highly discredited creeds (more…)

Justice for All?

By Steve Downs Washington Report On Middle East Affairs September/October 2007

For the past three years, I have witnessed the federal government’s attempt to destroy the life and family of Yassin Aref, a Muslim imam from Albany, New York. (more…)

by John Pilger The Guardian 8/17/07

I walked with Roberto Navarrete into the national stadium in Santiago, Chile. With the southern winter’s wind skating down from the Andes, it was empty and ghostly. (more…)

This is an excerpt from a recent letter from Dr. Dhafir:

“I am not in the habit of complaining, but you asked me to keep you informed of my situation.

“I am having a great problem with the medical services here. (more…)

A New Cold War Over Oil

By VIJAY PRASHAD Counterpunch 8/11/07

In February, George W. Bush announced the creation of a new unified combatant command for Africa. After several years of deliberation, the Pentagon finally agreed to create the African Command (AFRICOM) (more…)

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