May 2007

by Jerry Landay 5/11/07

AFTER WORLD WAR II, the president’s national security council propounded a policy that would shape the world’s geopolitical future: “Oil operations are, for all practical purposes, instruments of our foreign policy.” (more…)

by Scott Ritter 5/11/07

I joined the American Legion a few years back. As a veteran of the Persian Gulf War in 1991, I was eligible to do so for some time but always hesitated, perhaps out of a sense of trying to deny that my days as an active-duty combatant were long past. (more…)

Collateral Genocide

By MIKE FERNER Counterpunch 5/11/07

Two elements are necessary to commit the crime of genocide:

1) the mental element, meaning intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group (more…)

The Stage is Set for Sentencing Another Innocent Black Man

By BANCO Counterpunch 5/11/07

In Benton Harbor, Michigan, residents won a recall vote of a corrupt city commissioner through a well-organized campaign led by BANCO (Black Autonomy Network Community Organization). Then, in an attempt to circumvent the will of the people, the vote was overturned by a local judge. (more…)

by Matthew Rothschild 5/10/07

Zakariya Muhammad Reed spent 20 years serving in the National Guard. For the last eleven years, he’s been a firefighter in Toledo.

But this hasn’t kept him from being viewed with suspicion by his own government. (more…)

Fighting Terror Selectively

By MARJORIE COHN Counterpunch 5/10/07

Since the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration has made the “war on terror” the centerpiece of its domestic and foreign policy. Bush cries terror where there is none – as in Iraq and in the communications of ordinary Americans. Meanwhile, he protects the real terrorists in our midst. (more…)

By Amy Goodman 5/8/07

On Saturday, May 5, Anthony Mitchell died in the crash of Kenyan Airways Flight 507, which killed all 114 people on board. Based in Nairobi, he was an Associated Press reporter who had recently broken a story on secret prisons in Ethiopia and the U.S. involvement in the detention and interrogation of prisoners there. (more…)

By Patrick Cockburn 5/8/07

What the Bush Administration has wrought in Iraq.

At 3 am on January 11, 2007 a fleet of American helicopters made a sudden swoop on the long-established Iranian liaison office in the city of Arbil in northern Iraq. (more…)

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