January 2007

MP George Galloway speaking to the U.K. Parliament about the situation in Iraq and the coming war on Iran: Information Clearing House

by Abukar Arman antiwar.com 1/27/07

Analysts both in the Muslim and the Western world by and large agree that fear and lack of objective dialogue are the root cause of Islamophobia and anti-Americanism. And while the debate on which one of the two ignited the other is still ongoing, one fact remains irrefutable: more people were victimized as a result of Islamophobia than the other way around. (more…)

Setting Up the Next U.S.-Israeli Target (Iran) For Another “Supreme International Crime” 1

By Edward S. Herman and David Peterson ICH 1/28/07

The ease with which a supposedly independent media in a supposedly democratic society like the United States can demonize enemies and convert third- and fourth-rate official targets into major threats is almost beyond belief. (more…)

On November 14, 2003 press conferences were held in eight cities nationwide to protest the fines and/or arrests of those that went to/or provided humanitarian aid to Iraq in defiance of the sanctions. Dr. Dhafir had been held without bail for 9 months at that time. Here is Rafil’s statement from freedhafir.org:

We are fortunate to live in this great place on earth that our maker made prosperous and unique. (more…)

By Elizabeth de la Vega TomDispatch.com 1/23/07

How the administration slip-slides away.

I hope I can be forgiven if animal images kept coming into my mind during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week. On the eve of the first such hearing to be held by the newly-elected Democratic majority, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales sent a letter to Committee Chairmen Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Arlen Specter (R-PA) (more…)

Below is a link to a January 2007 radio interview of Katherine Hughes, court watcher in the Help the Needy Muslim charity case. Hughes was one of a core group of about 12 court watchers, several of whom attended almost all of the 17-week trial – from October 2004 to February 2005. Please ask your local radio station to air the 30-minute interview. (more…)

[KH: This is a letter to the BOP by a coalition of organizations concerned about civil liberties concerning the “suppression of prisoner contacts.” We don’t yet know if this program has any relation to the “Communication Management Unit” program that Rafil is being held under. Rafil appears to be getting mail that is sent to him, but since his December 18, 2006 letter no-one has heard from him. He does have one short phone call a week, but no contact visits. And all correspondence must be in English.] (more…)

Available atInformation Clearing House 1/26/07

When the two American atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, they were code-named ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’, and President Truman announced after the event: “The experiment has been an overwhelming success.” (more…)

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