April 2006

By William Fisher t r u t h o u t 4/19/06
    If you still believe our government doesn’t practice ethnic profiling, ask yourself why charities run by Muslims or devoted to Muslim causes are bearing the brunt of the powers Congress gave the government (more…)

by Stephen Lendman Blogspot 4/18/06

This essay has a duel purpose. I began it initially to explain how sophisticated and effective the dominant corporate media is in programming the public mind (more…)

The Zarqawi Gambit, Revisited

By GREG WEIHER Counterpunch 4/18/06

The Washington Post recently printed an interesting article (“Military Plays Up Role of Zarqawi”, 4/10/06) (more…)

Taking Care of What We’ve Been Given

By THOMAS P. HEALY Counterpunch 4/16/06

For the past four decades, writer Wendell Berry has crafted a body of work (more…)

By Chris Floyd ICH 4/14/06

Of all the war crimes that have flowed from the originating crime of President George W. Bush’s unprovoked invasion of Iraq, perhaps the most flagrant was the destruction of Fallujah in November 2004 (more…)

Gabriele Zamparini works as a freelance journalist and filmmaker. See his Peace DVD.

From: Gabriele Zamparini
Please, could you link, post, forward and publish the following email exchanges? (more…)

Talking Points for Easter Weekend
By MADIS SENNER Counterpunch 4/15/06 [See Madis’ website: FreeDhafir]

“If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone (more…)

The bill marks the end of true parliamentary democracy; it is as significant as Congress abandoning the Bill of Rights

By John Pilger (more…)

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