April 2006

SUMUD vs. Apartheid
By JEFF HALPER Counterpunch 4/22/06

This is, as they say, the crunch. This is the political moment all Israeli governments (more…)

Why Did They Wait So Long? Why is Rumsfeld Their Only Target?

By LAWRENCE R. VELVEL Counterpunch 4/21/06

Men who rise to the top of the American military are usually men who, in the old fashioned phrase, have faced shot and shell (more…)

William Fisher IPS 4/20/06

A major government watchdog group is charging that Muslim charities are being shut down for supposedly backing terrorist causes, while giant firms like Halliburton (more…)

By John Pilger  PilgerHome 4/20/06

During the 1970s, I filmed secretly in Czechoslovakia, then a Stalinist dictatorship (more…)

The Washington Post vs. Venezuela
By ERIC WINGERTER Counterpunch 4/18/06

Anyone looking to keep up to date with the current talking points for the Venezuelan opposition need only follow the writings of Jackson Diehl (more…)

Dr. Gideon Polya Media With Conscience April 17, 2006
[A tribute to Dr. Dhafir and other humanitarians like him.]

NINETY YEARS AGO the Irish rebelled against the British in the Easter Rising. The rebellion was short-lived and Irish insurgents and leaders were caught and hanged by the British (more…)

Going After Terrorism’s Financiers Is the Right Strategy, But the Law Needs Reform
By JENNIFER VAN BERGEN Findlaw 4/19/06

The basic strategy of rooting out terrorism by targeting its financiers is inarguably a sound one (more…)

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