January 2006

From: Robert THOMPSON, Avocat Honoraire au Barreau de Boulogne-sur-Mer, Retired Solicitor (Honours), England and Wales, RIMBOVAL, FRANCE (more…)

By JENNIFER VAN BERGEN Findlaw Monday, Jan. 09, 2006

When President Bush signed the new law, sponsored by Senator McCain, restricting the use of torture when interrogating detainees, he also issued a Presidential signing statement (more…)

[John Pilger mentions the Help the Needy Case and Dr. Dhafir in this article.]
By John Pilger 01/09/06  Cover story,The New Statesman

“The rights of ordinary people to speak out against an unjust war and atrocities unleashed in their name are being crushed. Fascism is at the door. Who else, asks John Pilger, will fight it?” (more…)

** Visit the Dahr Jamail Iraq website **


A little known aspect of the tragedy engulfing Iraq is the systematic
liquidation of the country’s academics (more…)

At this site: www.progressive.org/mccarthy

This site that explores the similarities between what is happening now and what happens under fascist rule: www.nightslantern.ca/fascism.htm

In a concerted effort to empty Iraq of its national wealth, its
scientists, scholars, academics, notables and intellectuals, there has
been a campaign of assasination carried out since the occupation (more…)

[Katherine: The article below was written in early January 2004 and gives a good summary of where the case was at that time. Glenn Suddaby, the US Attorney prosecuting the case (more…)

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